November 22, 2009

Gray Matters

Theoretical physics and clinical neurology are as distant as black and white for you? Well, maybe. But than we need gray. Gray matters.

This blog will soon move to a new place SciLogs under the name "Gray matters". My focus will continue to be on neurology and on converging technologies in the fields of physics, mathematical biology, and computational neuroscience that help us shape the future in biomedical engineering.

The Mission Statement of SciLogs is:

"Good Science is transparent and provides us with new knowledge about the world and ourselves. As an important part of our culture and society, science is never isolated. Informing about new results and recent developments as well as the dialogue with the public are characteristics of good science."

This blog will persist, but under the name M.A.D. Lab Journal. I will publish topics that I feel would not match the Mission Statement above. I guess, most of my posts are pursuant to this standard, but still, I like the idea to have in addition a lab journal.

Let's see how this works out.

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