July 4, 2009

Following markusdahlem on twitter

Thanks for clicking! Here’s what’s on offer.

What you can expect as a markusdahlem follower on twitter are posts with:

**information on my research activities on the following topics:
  • Neurology (Migraine with aura, Stroke, Epilepsies, Parkinson's, etc.)
  • Nonlinear dynamics (Chaos theory)
  • Networks and Dynamics (follow #twynamics and follow twynamics)
  • Neuroscience in Berlin
  • Upcoming talks
If you are interested in both Neurology and Nonlinear Dynamics with a focus on therapy follow #nonlinNeurol and see here.

I try to keep

**my own occasional musings
**retweets, and thanks

to a minimum.

If there is enough overlap with what you tweet and what you don't, chances are I follow you.

(Thanks to Todd Montgomery from whom I have stolen the idea to write this blog see his)

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  1. Markus,
    Thanks for the mention and blog credit. Glad you liked the idea and look forward to hearing more from you via twitter.